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Activities at Tatai Resort & Marina

Activities at Tatai Resort and Marina

You'll find plenty of opportunity during your stay for adventure or relaxation in the natural surroundings of the river, jungle and mountains. A wide range of activities are available ensuring that there should be something for everyone, whether on your own, a couple or as part of a group. Use the links above to view all the activities that we offer.

The Hiking & Mangroves activities are subject to a timetable so you will need register your interest as soon as possible to assist with planning and to make sure that the trip is one to remember. Other popular activities like Tatai Waterfall, Village Walks and Boat & Sunset cruises operate daily. Massage & Beauty Treatments are also very popular so early booking for those is also advised.

Specialist trekking is by appointment only and involves a consultation to determine your specific needs & expectations.

Please also take a moment to read the information page.

The trips and excursions detailed here are exclusively for our hotel, apartment and villa guests.

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