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Activities at Tatai Resort & Marina


Tour descriptions & timings are intended as a guide only. Seasonal changes very often determine the parameters in which we can operate & we therefore reserve the right to alter, amend, curtail or cancel any tour depending on the conditions & circumstances prevailing at the time.


Prices are per adult. Children go 1/2 price & two children count as one qualifying adult.

Fitness Level

Levels range low, medium & high & are a guide only. Please inform us of any underlying medical conditions that might affect your ability to complete a particular activity

Clothing & Footwear

Most activities require only light clothing & walking shoes. Where applicable we will advise alternative clothing & footwear dependent on prevailing conditions at the time.


We provide all necessary equipment required for a particular activity, for example back packs, dry bags, torches, towels etc.

Health & Safety

We reserve the right to change or curtail any activity that we deem puts the health & Safety of individuals at risk, for example changes in weather conditions.

Our guide will carry basic first aid equipment & general medications, for example re-hydration sachets, hydrocortisone creams for insect bites & paracetamol. Please remember to bring along personal medication.

Contact us

+855 (0) 15 885 115 KHMER / ENGLISH
+855 (0) 92 885 255 KHMER / ENGLISH
សម្រាប់ភាសាខ្មែរសូមទំនាក់ទំនងទៅ: 092 885 255 / 015 885 115 email direct