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Floods at Tatai, Koh Kong

You may have seen the news about various parts of the kingdom being under water this month, Tatai and Koh Kong were no exception.

Yes, we had some mopping up to do, but pleased to report that it was business as usual the next day thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the staff at the resort.

The resort here at Tatai near Koh Kong City, didn’t suffer any damage during the floods, just a bit of paint needed here and there and plenty of mops on hand. The management team acted swiftly when it was clear that there was going to be some flooding and by taking measures well in advance of the peak of the flood we are able to avoid any serious or lasting damage.

Our Hydro Electric and Solar Electric Systems were shut down as a precaution and just to be safe, the power turned off to lower parts of the resort that were likely to get a little flooded, while being able to maintain power to key areas. Boats moved and secured, critical areas sand bagged and secured just in case, pumps at the ready and guests transferred to higher accommodations.

Although we were ok, all the resorts along the Tatai River suffered some flooding and/or damage, the most high profile and severe being 4 Rivers Floating Lodge being washed away, thankfully with no one injured, though quite a traumatic experience by all accounts. Other resorts suffered some losses to various degrees and we wish all a quick recovery from this unprecedented and much unexpected flood.

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