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Camping Trips at Tatai Resort and Marina

Camping is becoming increasingly popular & surprisingly not limited to just the hardened stalwarts of such a pastime but to many completely new to the idea.

With this in mind we offer varying levels of camp comfort & security, ranging from simple hammocks strung between two trees, traditional ground pegged canvas tents & suspended tree tents, the later offering a combination of the former two.

We currently serve three uniquely different locations either above Tatai Waterfall, the lowland marshes of the mangrove swamps or our riverside Cycle & Fish.

Overnight at Tatai Waterfall

Easy | N/A
Min 2 Adults
Start: Varies

The tranquillity & solitude of this campsite makes this the perfect getaway location, sleeping at the edge of the jungle close to the water's edge.

Cook your own food over a rock stove, fall to sleep to the sound of the falls and wake to a refreshing shower in the river that's just a few steps away.

You will sleep in hammocks with built-in mosquito nets which are quilted and off the ground, so both comfortable and safe. Your guide will prepare the camp and start your fire before leaving you to enjoy the onset of dusk & your evening under the stars.

Rising to the early morning sounds of the jungle is a prerequisite. Watch the light and colours of the sky change against the rising sun and by the time you have finished with your coffee our tour guide will be with you to assist your return for breakfast.

Overnight at Tatai Waterfall

Overnight Camp, Cycle & Fish

Easy | N/A
Min 0 Adults
Start: 15:00
Overnight camp, cycle and fish

This trip commences with a 15km cycle ride, please review our Two Wheeled Sunset for further details, along a disused loggers trail towards the shorelines of Koh Sra Lao and Koh Kong Island.

Upon arrival you will have time to relax with a cool drink whilst watching the sun go down over the campsite prepared in advance by one of the two guides assisting this tour.

The camp is remote and there is every chance you will see wildlife in the area, particularly at dusk.

After dinner your guides will invite you to participate in one of their favorite pastimes, fishing at night using traditional & modern methods of fishing. If you awake early there may be time to continue the fishing experience before breakfast & your return by boat.

The tour operates in dry season only.

Overnight Camp in Mangroves

Easy | 0 hrs
Min 0 Adults
Start: 00:00

Coming Soon

Overnight Camp in Mangroves

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